I would love to see Bonney Lake City Council create a community center where classes on things such as home and business ownership could be held, gatherings that benefit the community could occur, a space where local artisans and farmers could showcase their products. I will work to help small businesses thrive, create more living wage jobs, expand our infrastructure to meet our growing needs, provide affordable housing for all, curtail the ever growing fees for construction along with water/sewer, and I will bring bring balance, passion, and a fresh perspective. I pledge to be a responsive and welcoming voice for ALL members of the community.

I will support the creation and growth of small businesses.  I would like to see the city council help create a commission that focuses on strengthening our locally owned small businesses and help create future ownership through focused classes and seminars along with mentorship programs and opportunities to network. Working with companies and families to ensure that we are creating competative wages that lift the entire economy, We must find ways to increase local revenue stream including advocating for acceptance of locally owned marijuana shops/farms.


Bonney Lake's population has more than doubled in the last 20 years, and as such affordable housing is becoming a crisis, I support building affordable housing (Single and Multi family), and building small mini homes that can be used as transitional housing to help our homeless population. We have some of the highest fees for water/sewer hookups and the approval process for new construction is ridiculously arduous and expensive, we need to streamline the process and ensure that homeownership is accessible.


In June when most people and governments worldwide celebrate LGBTQ pride celebrations and the majority of the United States acknowledge Juneteenth the only proclamation the City of Bonney Lake announced was as follows

"The City of Bonney Lake is an inclusive community where businesses and citizens are treated with equal access, regardless of vaccination status or mask usage. Where choice and freedom are paramount for the cumulative success of our community."

I had hoped for affirmation that Bonney Lake was welcoming of all people regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, instead what we received was meaningless political theatre and a waste of time. We must do better, we must kinder to our fellow humans. In order to thrive and grow we must learn from our shared past, embrace new ideas, and together we must boldly look to a shared future.


I do not believe all cops are bad, However the current system is unaccetably broken. When 40% ($8,041,772) of Bonney Lake's 2021 annual budget is dedicated to the police dept. we have a monetary problem. Even deeper issues are that for years we have attempted to put bandages such as body cams on a system that is broken, it has failed to require a properly educated workforce and we went from community based policing to militarized policing. We need to reimagine policing for a new century, narrow the scope of the police and add mental health professionals and community liasions.


Traffic in Bonney Lake is terrible during peak hours and will only steadily get worse. I think we need to look at traffic flow/patterns and create solutions to lessen congestion. These solutions should focus on working with the state and county to secure funding to expand public transit into and around Bonney Lake. Public transportation is essential for our continued growth, it will also encourage and enable people from surrounding communities to shop and participate more freely in Bonney Lake. The majority of our residents commute outside of Bonney Lake so providing greater access Sound Transit and METRO into surrounding cities is vital. Unfortunatly upgrades to the water system have never been completed nor was a sufficient fund created for future repairs. As such now the aging system is starting to fall into disrepair and the only solution is to keep increasing the amount residents pay for water/sewer, along with new utility hook ups that are exorbitant. We are looking at some of the highest rates in the state and we must find ways to lessen the burden on our community.


As a lifelong outdoor enthusiast I have worked successful with groups such as The Sierra Club, Environment Wa. and Environment Ca. I firmly believe that we must have FREE accessible parks, lakes, and open green spaces including  parking available to all members of the community.