Leia Timm-McKenrick

for Bonney Lake City Council 2021
Leadership with a vision 

 Building a better city today for a brighter tomorrow

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We are now on to the general election!!!

I look forward to holding a meet and greet and to some good old fashioned door knocking, but honestly in order to be competitive I also need donations I have a goal for the month August of $500 in order to have yard signs and literature printed. 

October 05 2021

As the general election approaches I hope you take a stand with me against the hate and malice displayed by some within the greater Bonney Lake Community towards some of the candidates. Destruction of signs and private property is never ok and to target someone because they want to add their voice, time and experiance in an attempt to make our shared world a better place.... shame on you.

October 08 2021

I would love to take a moment and thank everyone who went on this journey with me. I believe that we have more in common than not, love will overcome hate. I believe in sound financial decisions that do not put off our problems to our children, own our mistakes, find a solution, and fix it. Don't be a bully, learn from others, be humble, be gracious. Accept others! Lend a hand not an insult.


BL City Council Meeting - Pride Proclamation - Hold the Mayor Accountable

Bonney Lake Municipal Center 9002 Main St E, Bonney Lake, WA

Event info: https://fb.me/e/NyoeGVLA

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